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When you hear a call for “human rights,” who do you recognize under this umbrella term?  Do you think of the poor, child soldiers, domestic abuse victims, refugees or sweatshop employees?  These thoughts drum up images and reports from foreign correspondents, celebrity activists, and specialized non-profit organizations that invite us to export our compassion and support.

With our altruistic sights set on foreign countries, it is easy to overlook issues at home.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights, in particular, are still largely at odds against governmental policies and mainstream social acceptance.  As recorded by advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign, LGBT equality is fragmented both across and within state borders.

So where does this disconnect between LGBT equality issues and “human rights” issues that Americans are so fond of purporting stem from?

This is something I have been stuck on lately.  To date, my blog posts have been concerned with people and events outside of the U.S.  However, before I recast my net from American shores, I’d like to catch a few of the stories I feel nibbling at my toes.  (That’s right, I just drew an analogy between LGBT rights issues and minnows.)



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